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About Surjit Singh Clair


Surjit Singh Clair is one of Britain's best known and respected leading media and publicity specialist.

Based in the West Midlands Surj's career has taken him all over the world, working in many countries, with people from all walks of life.

During a long career as an investigative journalist and publicist Surj became more involved in media and publicity. Surj's career to date has produced many headlines and front page tabloid stories.

As a graduate in business studies and finance Surj became a marketing specialist consultant in advertising and promotion, developing that role over 10 years and moving into journalism gave Surj the opportunity to put all of his specialism to work by branching out independently and forming Effective Media in 2004.

Surj also dedicates his time and skills to assisting victims of Miscarriages of Justice. Working alongside many charitable organisations in the field has seen Surj at the front line in many high profile miscarriages of justice exposures.

Surj prides himself on his client media strategy with total hands on approach to everything, giving his clients full attention and protection. Finalising the best deals.

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